Past Events

Princesss Wen Cheng- The Musical


A CSR evening – Princess Wen Cheng, The Musical (24 October 2012) 

This musical was first staged in Malaysia back in 2008 and since then has gone on to be performed in Taipei, Beijing and X’ian. With its superb stage setting, world class performances and an excellent & talented production team being lead by non other than Miss Ho Lin Huay, we are absolutely certain that this cultural production will be a great hit amongst the audiences. 

For us at Magnum, we believe that good things must be shared and what better way than to invite 150 teachers from all over the
Klang Valley to join us to to watch this culturally-rich production. This is also our way to show appreciation for our Teachers’ special contribution and dedication in a particular field that is seldom appreciated. 

The story of Princess Wen Cheng centres around an intelligent and beautiful princess who had to traverse across 1,000 miles through dangerous terrain and great hardship and upon reaching her destination, her wisdom, determination and compassion captured the hearts of the Tibetans. Qualities like wisdom, determination, compassion are what our teachers need to have in order to be faced on a daily basis to educate our children, their determination to see that their knowledge is passed on and their compassion towards our children in school is indeed a heavy responsibility. 

This also provides a platform for teachers who are interested or wish to excel in performing arts. With this show, we hope to give them a wonderful opportunity to enjoy such world class performances and also inspire those who have interests and talents in this field to pursue their dreams and to bring performing arts in Malaysia to a higher level.