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Join 4 Joy

Magnum is giving away 5 units of SAMSUNG GALAXY S4 and 2 unit of IPad mini for this meaningful contest called “J4J” a.k.a Join 4 Joy.  All you need to do is just follow a few easy steps: -

1) You need to log on to our Magnum Facebook (www.facebook.com/Magnum4D) to register your name, IC & mobile number.

2)  Once registered, Magnum will send out an E-voucher via SMS to the registered mobile number.

3)  There are a total of 4 batches of E-vouchers that will be sent out.

4)   Each E-voucher entitles you for RM1 4D Mbox Lucky Pick Ticket free. You are required to purchase a minimum of 4D Jackpot System Bet 3 before you are entitled to this free redemption.

5)   The 1st batch of E-voucher will be sent out starting from the 1st day of the campaign which is on 26 August 2013.

6)   Just show the E-voucher at any Magnum outlet for the redemption.

7)   You are only allowed to redeem the 2nd batch of E-voucher after the 1st batch of voucher has been redeemed. This will also apply to 3rd and 4th batch of E-vouchers.

8)   You are only entitled to join the Magnum Facebook Photo Posting when you have redeemed all 4 batches of E-voucher.

9)   The contestants who fulfilled all the 4 purchases need to email us the most creative photo with the element of “Four” in the photo. Details are as follows -

a.   You need to submit the photo to us via Magnum Facebook

b.  The photo submitted must include the element of “4” in the most creative way. Please do provide us your details such as Name as per IC, IC number & Mobile Number for our verification.

c.   Photo posting session will start on 29th September

d.   We will select the top 4 photos with most votes. The top 1 with the most “likes” will win a Samsung Galaxy S4 & IPad Mini while the remaining 3 finalist will win a Samsung Galaxy S4.

e.   On top of the most votes prize, we will also select the most creative photo and the winner will also get a Samsung Galaxy S4 and an Ipad mini.

f.   To further appreciate our Facebook fans, we also allocate 2 random prizes for the voter and contestant of this program.

g.  The results will be published 7 days after the closing period on 6th October 2013. 

10)   The prizes are allocated as per the table below:-



Most Vote

Grand Prize: x1 Samsung Galaxy S4 x1 Ipad mini

1st Runner-up: x1 Samsung Galaxy S4

2nd Runner-up : x1 Samsung Galaxy S4

3rd Runner-up: x1 Samsung Galaxy

Most Creative

1st Prize: x1 Samsung Galaxy & x1 Ipad Mini

Participant Lucky Draw #    

Winner : x1 Instant Camera

(Contestant will be randomly chosen)           

Voter Lucky Draw #

Winner : x1 Instant Camera

(contestant will be randomly chosen