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Raaga Hunt For Surprise with Magnum


Magnum-udan Inba Atharchi, THR Raagavil Puthayal Vettai’. 

Magnum is proud to present ‘Magnum-udan Inba Atharchi, THR Raagavil Puthayal Vettai’ - a brand new and exciting treasure hunt challenge to be held on 15th September in KlangValley. Once again in collaboration with THR Raaga, the ‘Magnum-udan Inba Atharchi, THR Raagavil Puthayal Vettai’ treasure hunt promises lots of fun and surprises with attractive rewards and cash prizes to be won by our loyal Indians customer. 

So, everyone is invited to join in this new treasure hunt as it is open to the public. Participation entrees are opened from 26th August 2013 with a closing date on 7th September 2013 and 80 teams will be selected on a first come first serve basis.  Register now and join the treasure hunt! Check out THR Raaga’s official website, www.thr.fm/raaga for more details on how to participate! Terms and conditions apply.

There are a total of three grand prizes as well as 10 consolation prizes to be won. RM 5,000 cash will be rewarded to the champion, while the first runner-up and second runner-up will walk away with RM 3,000 and RM 2,000 cash respectively. In addition, 10 Consolation Prizes with RM 300 cash will be given to 10 Lucky Teams.

Also, in conjunction with this, Magnum Corporation’s is ongoing with CSR initiatives to support and provide a helping hand to the community we serve, as well as to continue to bring cheer and joy to those in need. In line with this, both THR Raaga and Magnum Corporation will be donating all the treasure items to APHRATHA HOME, an orphanage home that is located in Taman Pelangi, Rawang. 30 children and adults aged between 1 to 36 years old will be the beneficiary of this event.

So, be sure to take part and have fun with the Magnum-udan Inba Atharchi, THR Raagavil Puthayal Vettai’ Treasure Hunt this year. It’s also your chance to be part of something special to help and contribute to the residents of the APHRATHA HOME.

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