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THR 2011

Raaga Unggal Nanbenda, which means Raaga is your Friend in English, is a charitable programme derived from Raaga Radio Awards' 09 and Raaga Astro Awards' 10, which had lent a hand to different individuals and parties in need. Raaga Unggal Nanbenda once again united THR Raaga and Magnum Corporation, in the heart to continue giving back to the Indian community.

Raaga Unggal Nanbenda has so far helped in lightening the burden of 14 different individuals, who were going through different challenges in life. Help and assistance that varied in different forms, were handed to the individuals after a series of verifications. 

The charitable efforts in tackling issues, relevant to the listeners has not only made Raaga Unggal Nanbenda a success in its on way, it has also tightened THR Raaga's relationship with its listeners. To continue sharing and giving back to the community, THR Raaga and Magnum Corporation will be organizing the ' Magnum THR Raaga Community Concert 2011' on 26 November, at Stadium Perbandaran Pasir Gudang, Johor. This will be a concert that shares the fun brought by THR Raaga and Magnum, while contributing to the less fortunate. 


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