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Magnum "Lou Yau Kei" Charity Concert Tour 2013

Proudly presented by Magnum, Magnum “Lou Yau Kei” Charity Concert Tour 2013 is back this year!

In line with Magnum’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) objectives in caring for the community, Magnum wishes to continue to collaborate with different educational parties to raise funds for the needy schools in order to develop the local Chinese education. This year, Magnum has specially invited Cheng Kam Cheong, Cantonese Opera Prince together with local well-known artists Xie Ling Ling, Lai Bin Xia and also Ivy Yap to perform as guest performers in “Lou Yau Kei” 2013 Charity Concert Tour.

In year 2012, Magnum “Lou Yau Kei” Charity Concert Tour has successfully raised funds for 7 beneficiary units, with a total amount of RM 1,046,852! With such an encouraging experience, Magnum appreciates all the support from the relevant parties and hope Magnum “Lou Yau Kei” Charity Concert Tour 2013 will be another great successful event!  

Magnum “Lou Yau Kei” Charity Concert Tour 2013 will start travel across nationwide from November onwards. This year, Magnum will be increasing the beneficiary units from 7 units to 9 units to make this event even more successful and meaningful. Magnum “Lou Yau Kei” Charity Concert Tour 2013 has begun to gather the invitation from the beneficiary units where Magnum will fully sponsor for PA system as well as the “Lou Yau Kei” performing artists. The fund raised will be donated to the beneficiary units.  

Magnum “Lou Yau Kei” Charity Concert Tour 2013 is proudly presented by Magnum. For further information, please log on to Magnum’s official website: www.magnum4d.my or call 016-4541606.

Below are the schedule for " Lou Yau Kei" Charity Concert Tour 2013
Beneficiary Unit

16th November 2013 (Saturday)

SJK(C) Batu 9, Cheras, KL

17th November 2013


Dewan Persatuan Rakyat Teluk Bunut,Banting.

SJK(C) Kah Wah, Banting

15th December 2013


Pertubuhan Kebajikan Kg.Baru Mentakab, Pahang

20th  December 2013

Balai Raya Kampung Permatang Tinggi, Penang

SJK(C) Permatang Tinggi ,Penang

22nd December 2013

Yong Peng High School,Johor

23rd December 2013


Southern University College, Johor

Southern University College,Johor

25th December 2013


Penang Chung Ling Private High School, Penang

11th January 2014
SJK(C) Sam Yoke, KL

11th February 2014

Chan Clansmen Study Hall, KL