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Count the Santa

Magnum is giving away ATTRACTIVE prizes again! 

Stand a chance to win x1 Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, x1 Apple iPod Touch and x3 Instax Mini 8 just by playing this simple and easy game called “Count the Santa”. 

How to play? EASY!

1) Log on to Facebook and like Magnum4D Page (www.facebook.com/Magnum4D).

2) Click “Count the Santa” Tab and Play the Game!

3) Players are required to count the number of Santa’s in the picture

4) The picture is divided into 4 columns and each column has a specific number of Santa(s)

5) You are to submit the number of Santa(s) for each column

6) Please note after a certain amount of time, the picture will turn off 

7)  Players are required to submit their answer within 20 seconds before the submission closes

8) Answers submitted that is the fastest and closest to the correct answer will win!

- Every Player is only able to play the game once.
- Game ends right after camera visual moves up and down 20 times.
Category Prizes
First Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1
Second iPod Touch
Consolation X3 Instax Mini 8

What are you waiting for? Game starts on 18/11/2013 to 30/12/2013!

Play and WIN prizes for FREE!

Terms and Condition apply.