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Magnum Queue Up Game!


  Queue Up Game

Magnum has an all new exciting Online Contest called “The Magnum Queue-Up Game”!

Play the game with Magnum and stand a chance to win 1x Apple iPad Air, 1x Apple iPad Mini or x2 Apple iPod Shuffle!!!

What do you have to do to win them? EASY!

1)Log on to Facebook and like Magnum4D Page (www.facebook.com/Magnum4D).

2)Click “Queue Up Game” Tab and Play the Game!

3)Players are required to keep queuing in the lane and try to reach their highest score.

4)Players have to react quickly to avoid being pushed down from behind or bumping into the person in front.

5)Players at the end of the game must submit their highest score. 

6)Player with the highest score wins the Grand Prize!

We know you can talk the talk but can you walk the walk?

Game starts on 10/3/2014 to 11/5/2014!

Play and WIN prizes for FREE!

Terms and Condition apply




Grand Prize

x1 Apple iPad Air

Second Prize

x1 Apple iPad Mini

Third Prize


x2 Apple iPod Shuffle (per winner)


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