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Green Revival Save the Earth 2014

Proudly presented by Magnum “Green Revival Save the Earth 2014” is making its way back with a new direction, “To love the earth we live, is to love our home”. We are targeting the root of the problem by starting from the basics. We hope that the planned activities will be impactful so as to raise awareness on the environmental issues that we are facing.
“Green Revival” is created to raise not only awareness but also to take positive action to neutralize the environmental hazards we are facing today. Therefore, a series of environmental conservation activities as below will be kicked off starting this April.
1. Enzymes and Mud Ball Making Seminar and Campaign
This program is aimed to inspire the local community to create a CLEAN, COMFORTABLE and CLEAR environment for Malaysian citizens. At the same time, it will create positive changes for the youths of today. This program is using eco-friendly and non-pollutant concepts, which is to rehabilitate polluted rivers. This program will be conducted jointly with JCI, the local community and local school childrens from Bentong, Pahang
2. Rehabilitation of Kuala Gula Mangrove Program
Mangroves act as a natural flood retention "sponge" to hold heavy rainfall, thus reducing the occurrence and severity of flooding. It also helps to recycle nutrients and remove toxins and sediments. Mangroves play an important role of holding sediment along riverbanks to prevent erosion, and it helps to reduce pollution to marine life. In addition, mangroves provide breeding and nursery grounds for birds, fishes, seashells, prawns, mud lobster, crabs, and other wildlife. By participating in this event we will be able to give a hands-on experience on mangrove conservation and its also a great opportunity to learn about the importance and function of the Mangrove and Fisherman Community.
This project will be conducted in Kuala Gula which is an important area to the local fishing community. The mudflat and the swampy areas of Kuala Gula mangroves is a perfect stop for feeding various species of birds. Kuala Gula is identified as one of the top 10 eco-tourism areas in Perak State. Kuala Gula has been recognized as a Bird Sanctuary and Important Bird Area (IBA).
3. Beach Clean Up
Beaches are easily damaged by inappropriate usage, heavy storms and development. If a beach is badly damaged and when it starts to erode, it might need replanting with native vegetation, rebuilding of sandbars and berms. Therefore, we can’t further delay taking action. We need to conduct this activity regularly to ensure we have clean and beautiful beaches in the future. Together with Magnum staff, the local community and support from GBBM and Kuala Langat District Council. We are going to conduct this activity at Morib Beach, Selangor. What makes it special is that we will be conducting this meaningful event on World Ocean Day.
4. Drawing Contest And Recycle Items DIY Workshop
Our goal is to raise environmental awareness and implement the right attitude in children of today. The paintings will be a reflection of what the children see as our current environment and what can we do to make a difference. This competition also encourages children to focus on particular environmental issues and how these issues affect the community. Besides that, we will conduct a DIY workshop to educate the public in utilizing recyclable items. We can save money and resources through this DIY workshop.
5. Sekinchan Paddy Run
Sekinchan Paddy Run is claimed to be the first paddy run in Malaysia, there will be 3 categories - namely 10KM Open, 5KM Open and 2KM Fun Run. This run is open to the public. The objective of this Paddy Run is to encourage a healthy living society and to remind our community the importance to safeguarding this piece of beautiful land.
“Green Revival Save the Earth 2014” is proudly brought to you by Magnum and organized by Music Melody Store. Other participating partners are Event Coordination by Mega Ultimate, Official Video Production by Mega Visual, Supported by Pertubuhan Gerakan Belia Bersatu Malaysia Negeri Selangor, Junior Chamber International Entrepreneur and Global Environment Centre and Special Thanks to Key Ng.
For further inquiries, kindly contact Adeline at 03-9101 5857. You can also get more details by logging into Mega Ultimate Facebook or official website.
Programs are tentatively scheduled as below:-
Date Event Title Time Venue
10th April 2014 (Thursday) Green Revival 2014 Press Conference 3pm Double Tree Hotel, Kuala Lumpur
19th April 2014
Mud Ball Making Seminar & Enzyme Making Class 9am Caravan Serai Exclusive Private Villa, Bentong, Pahang
17th May 2014 (Saturday) Mangrove Conservation Campaign
Kuala Gula, Perak
8th  June 2014
Beach Clean Up Campaign 9am Morib Beach, Kuala Selangor
28th June 2014
Mud Ball Making Campaign 9am Caravan Serai Exclusive Private Villa, Bentong, Pahang
12th July 2014
Mud Ball Treatment- River Clean Up Campaign 9am Sungai Keratong, Bentong, Pahang
27th July 2014
Drawing Contest & DIY Workshop 2pm Concourse Area, Sungei Wang Plaza.
14th Sept 2014
Sekinchan Paddy Run 7am Sekinchan
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