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Movie Night with Magnum!


Movie Night With Magnum

The wedding function that has the highest sales contribution from the wedding couples’ purchase and guest ticket sales will win a free Movie Night. Herein below are the participating states and their campaign period -


Campaign Period

Participating States

June to November 2014

Negeri Sembilan


East Malaysia


Klang Valley



East Coast


The winning couple is to invite their family and friends to the movie. Magnum will provide a movie hall (normal standard) with a maximum capacity of 200 seats. Official cinema is either TGV or GSC depending on movie hall availability and location.

The results will be announced as follow:-

Campaign Period - June to November 2014 @ announcement of winner by 12 January 2015

Movie selection will be made by the winning couple but the movie selected must be within a month from the announcement date of the winner. There are no 3D movies can be chosen and is only applicable on weekdays (Monday – Friday). A small set of popcorn & soft drink will be provided for each ticket.

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