Past Events


In the spirit of reviving the ever-classic board game, Magnum in collaboration with MY FM and THR Raaga are bringing back the good old times with Magnum Game On. The event will be held at Ipoh Parade, Ipoh ,Perak  on this coming August 15th & 16th . The time of the game for both stations are as follows:-

a)     Game-On with MyFM 

Date: 15th August 2015 (Saturday)

Time: 1pm-2.30pm – Registration 3.00-4.30pm- Board Game

Name Prizes
Cheah Yoke Choo Challenge Champion & Round Champion
Ho Yin Yee Round Champion
Pang Ying Hua Round Champion
Tan Yoot Moi Round Consolation
Wong Siew Hoong Round Consolation
Liow Sooi Yen Round Consolation
Liew Lai Keng Round Consolation
Loke Lee Lian Round Consolation
Lim Kim Chong Round Consolation
Lim Wei Wen Round Consolation
Chan Poh Wan            Round Consolation 
Tang Moon Ken                                                  Round Consolation

b)     Game-On with THR Raaga

Date: 16th August 2015 (Sunday)

Time: 1pm-2.30pm – Registration 3.00-4.30pm- Board Game



Shamila Soleha Bt Abdullah

Challenge Champion & Round Champion

Sri Soriakumar a/l Subaran

Round Champion

Satthiya a/p Krishnan

Round Champion

Aannapatchi a/p Jayaperumal

Round Consolation

Senbagavalli a/p Jayaperumal

Round Consolation

S. Richard a/l P.Subramaniam

Round Consolation

Savitha a/p Murugan

Round Consolation

Suresh Krishnan a/l Parmasivam

Round Consolation

Rubendran a/l Keshavan

Round Consolation

Tamilarasu a/l Duresamy

Round Consolation

Rathiga a/p Maduraiveeran

Round Consolation

Mohamad. Solehin bin Firdaus Nadar

Round Consolation


Along with the passage of time, MY FM and THR Raaga are taking the Snakes and Ladders board game to a whole new level. The winner will not only get the tittle of champion but will also win cash prize of RM6, 000 and goodie bags!

There will be 3 rounds of Snakes & Ladders game and the champion of each round will compete for the grand champion title.  

There is no registration fee nor minimum spending required. Just bring over stationaries, school bags or any basic necessities for kids to be donated and you are entitled to join in the fun. This event certainly promises high entertainment value as the participants will not only be enjoying themselves playing the games but at the same time, they are also doing charity for kids in need.

Jack & Mei Yan will be the emcee of the event for MY FM, meanwhile for THR Raaga Ram & Suresh.

Besides the main Snakes and Ladders board game, there will be other games where you can win exciting merchandises from MY FM & THR Raaga and goodies from Magnum. So, bring over your family and friends to Magnum Game On. It is a perfect time to meet new people and have fun with old friends.

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