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Green Revival Save the Earth 2016


"Revive the Beauty of the Earth"

Proudly presented to you by Magnum, “Green Revival Save The Earth 2016" will kick off in March, with the aim of maintaining and continuing all the effort in conserving the environment. A series of activities listed below will be carried out to coincide with the theme “Revive the Beauty of the Earth”.

With the hope of continuing another successful chapter this year, this campaign has not only reached students but also the local communities and residents. We believe that the continuing education and involvement in green activities will help change the mindset of the public and increase the desire to save our earth.


Mud Ball Making And River Clean-Up

This program was successfully conducted in year 2014 where more than 600 volunteers participated in the event that consisted of students, members of the local community and Magnum Volunteers, who supported the campaign at Bentong, Pahang. In 2015, the activity had more than 800 volunteers and a total of 40,000 mud balls were made, which were then thrown into Sungai Kinta, Ipoh, Sungai Rembau, Negeri Sembilan and Sungai Lereh, Malacca respectively.


The objective of this activity is to inspire and educate the students and local community to create a CLEAN, COMFORTABLE and CLEAR environment, particularly for our rivers for our future generations.

Through our program, we are able to give the volunteers an in-depth experience on the functions of mud balls in treating pollution and improving the quality of water.


Rehabilitation Of Mangrove Program

The mangroves act as a natural flood retention "sponge" to hold heavy rainfall, thus reducing the occurrence and severity of flooding. Mangroves play an important role of holding sediment along riverbanks to prevent erosion, and it also helps to reduce pollution to marine life. Throughout this program, participants are given the opportunity to learn about the importance and functions of the Mangrove and Fisherman Community. At the same time, participants are also able to learn on how to conserve the mangrove through a hands-on experience.

In year 2015, jointly conducted by Junior International Chamber Entrepreneur we moved on to the Kuala Sepetang Mangrove Forest, the largest mangrove forest in Peninsular Malaysia, which is also one of the most significant nature reserves in Malaysia.


Paddy Run

During the first year 2014, Paddy Run had participants running through the green paddy field; while in year 2015, participants were running through the beautiful yellow paddy field. The run received overwhelming responses over the past two years and here comes the third Paddy Run! The objective of this run is to encourage a healthy lifestyle to society and at the same time remind the community of the importance of safeguarding this piece of beautiful land. In addition, we are bringing the participants to one of Malaysia's most spectacular countryside for a world class paddy field run.

Green Revival Save the Earth 2016 is proudly brought to you by Magnum, supporting partner Pertubuhan Gerakan Belia Bersatu Malaysia Negeri Selangor (GBBM) and HCR Event Solutions, Special thanks to Junior Chamber International Entrepreneur (JCI)

For more information, kindly contact Charmaine Foong at 03-9101 5857. You may also log on to www.megaultimate.com.my or visit Mega Ultimate Facebook Page for further event details.

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Confirmed Schedule as per below:




Press Conference

Fish & Co. Pavilion KL

29th February 2016


Mangrove Seed Planting


Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan


19th March 2016


Mud Ball Making

SJK(C) Yu Hua,Kajang

9th April 2016

SJK(C) Jinjang Selatan, Kuala Lumpur

26th May 2016

Enzyme Seminar Talk

SJK(C) Jinjang Selatan, Kuala Lumpur

19th May 2016

River Clean-up

SJK(C) Yu Hua,Kajang

23rd April 2016

SJK(C) Jinjang Selatan, Kuala Lumpur

18th June 2016

Paddy Run

SMJK (C) Yoke Kuan, Sekinchan

21st & 22nd May 2016