Past Events

Summer Live Concert 2008

The Summer Live Concert 2008, Malaysia's largest free live concert, sponsored by Magnum, is set to return for the fourth time with an even bigger bang on August 23, 2008 at 8.30pm offering an extraordinary line-up of local and international artists at Melaka International Trade Centre (MITC), Melaka.

The Summer Live Concert is organized annually by 8TV and assembles some of the finest Asian Artists and Celebrities in Asia. In 2007, the musical bash saw a staggering 100,000 8TV viewers and music lovers making their way to Padang Ipoh, Perak where the concert was held.

The influence and inspiration that the Summer Live Concert brought upon the thousands of fans and music lovers back in August 2006 and 2007 was so overwhelming. Its effects are still being felt strongly today. It's a free concert that celebrates musical individuality while providing a massive opportunity for everyone to get together and just have a good time.

Among the artists lined up for this spectacular event of the year are Jolin Tsai (Taiwan), Rainie Yang (Taiwan), Stanley Huang (Taiwan), Show Luo (Taiwan), Energy (Taiwan), Awaking (Taiwan), Jam Hsiao (Taiwan). Also joining the fantastic artistes' line up are Top 2 finalists of Project Superstar (Season 1 and 2), John, Desiree, Henley and Orange.

The Summer Live Concert 2008 will also be showcasing 8TV's discoveries and now widely acknowledged talents of Project Superstar's (Season 3) winner Kay and runner up, Hau. To keep the proceedings at fever pitch will be popular hosts - Gary Yap, Dylan Liong, Cheryl Lee and Xiao Yu (Natalie).

The Summer Live Concert 2008 spots a cool theme this year, 'Sporty' (sports and dance) with a catchy slogan 'City in Rock! Go!'.

Details on where the free tickets can be obtained for this concert as per the table illustrated below. So scratch off your original summer plans! Instead, mark your calendar to attend the hottest and biggest musical bash because it'll be one of the best concerts you'll ever experienced!