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Lucky Man from Johor hit highest Jackpot prize in Magnum 4D history

The lucky man from Johor pocketed RM33,014,106 and renewed the highest payout record of Magnum 4D Jackpot. The last highest payout was RM31,232,687.11, won back in year 2011.

With just RM6 play for a system bet 3, the lucky winner hit Jackpot 1 as 2 of his 4D numbers matched 2 of the top 3 prize 4D numbers on Magnum 4D result. The 2 lucky numbers that brought him the fortune was 2346 (1st prize number) & 7233 (2nd prize number).

“It was my dream number which I play frequently, sometimes I’ll change the number every 3 months to try my luck with new numbers.” The Jackpot winner happily shared his experience.

When he was told that he won the highest Jackpot prize in Magnum 4D history, he replied: “Yes! Yes! Yes! I knew. I checked the result via mobile apps and I play almost every week since 2012, I’m very familiar with Magnum 4D games and always follows the updates through my hand phone, and I play Jackpot Gold too!”

With this amazing fortune, the lucky man said he is going to continue working, “I love my job and my employer treats me well too! I do not have many family members but I have many friends, and I love my life here.”

He was still excited and could not sleep for 2 nights with the huge fortune. He wishes to spend some money on his home but will keep most in the bank for his future. “I would like to spend wisely with the money and continue to enjoy my life. I would definitely continue to play Magnum 4D, because there’s always a chance to win if you play.” The men smiled and said.

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