Winning Stories得奖故事

A RM25 million bountiful happy Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year (CNY) brought good luck to a Magnum customer with a whopping RM25 million fortune. The winner won the 1st prize in 4D Jackpot on 24 February 2018, the auspicious ninth day of CNY, aka the birthday of the Heavenly God.

This windfall made the male winner in his late 40s a multi-millionaire overnight and the first Magnum Jackpot 1 winner in 2018. The winner from Selangor walked away with precisely RM25,076,646 richer with this win. With a mere RM20 investment on Jackpot System Bet 5 which he bet on 5 numbers, the 2 winning numbers that won are 4726 (2nd prize number) and 3038 (3rd prize number).

“I love to play System Bet especially when I have more than 2 sets of 4D numbers to play. System Bet covers all the possible combinations of my play so I won’t miss out any. With this, I have more chances to win too!” The Jackpot winner happily shared his experience.

When asked the significance of these numbers, he replied, “Earlier this month, I won a consolation prize in 4D Classic and noticed that there is a series of numbers printed at the bottom of my winning ticket, so I continued to play these set of numbers for 3 consecutive weeks, hoping for more ‘ONG’ in this auspicious CNY period as my earlier winning could be a ‘sign’ that a bigger fortune is coming my way!”

The winner found out the good news after checking the results on the Magnum 4D website. “It’s truly amazing! You wouldn’t believe my joy and excitement when I saw the 4D results. Suddenly, my dream came true and here I am with my Jackpot winning of more than RM25 million prize money!” 

With this great fortune, the lucky winner has some plans in his mind, “First, l will clear off my loans and donate some to charity. Second, I’ll put aside some money for my family and consider sending my children overseas for higher education. Last but more importantly, I’ll plan for my retirement. However, I’ll continue to work for now!”

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