We’ve got a Year End Surprise for you!

We’ve got a Year End Surprise for you!
Purchase RM12 Magnum 4D Lucky Pick ticket
End the year in style with Magnum 4D lucky draw prizes!

 How to join?  Step 1 – Purchase our Year End Surprise RM12 Lucky Pick ticket (for any game) at any Magnum 4D outlet.  Step 2 – Scan your ticket using our MyMagnum 4D app to gain an entry.  Step 3 – Did you win? Our Magnum’s Customer Support team will directly contact you (03-9212 2800) if you’re one of our lucky winners! You can also check out Magnum 4D’s digital & social media platforms to see if you’re a winner! 

Campaign Period: 1st October 2023 to 31st December 2023

A total of 13 Grand Prizes and 30 consolation prizes to be won in this exciting campaign! The prizes will be draw on monthly basis and winner announcements will happen on the 8th of every month (November & December 2023; January 2024).

Buy more during this campaign period to increase your chances today!
There is no limit on how many entries you can submit for this campaign. GOOD LUCK!

Hurry! Visit your nearest Magnum 4D outlet to purchase and participate today!

October Winners
November Winners
December Winners

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