Magnum “I Love To Sing” 2017 Singing Competition

SEPTEMBER 17, 2017 - NOVEMBER 19, 2017
SEPTEMBER 17, 2017 - NOVEMBER 19, 2017

Magnum I Love To Sing Singing Competition is the most highly anticipated bi-dialectal singing competition which aims to promote the native Chinese cultural heritage as well as to remind the younger ones of their root. This competition will kick off from 17th September 2017 till 19th November 2017 throughout Malaysia at Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Kuantan and Penang.
The Malaysian Chinese community have managed to maintain their Chinese heritage especially their mother tongue (various dialects) but sadly there are more and more that have lost the knowledge of their own mother tongue. Thus, the objective of this competition is to encourage the Chinese community by using music as a communication tools to spread our native languages. It also serves as a platform for the Chinese Dialect music lovers to showcase their unique talent.
This year, aside from Hakka and Hokkien category, an Open category has been added due to overwhelming requests. This singing competition is open to all Malaysian Citizen regardless of age, gender and ethnic group.
A line-up of experienced panel judges is ready to watch the spectacular singing performance by the participants. Moreover, a total worth of RM40, 000 in cash prizes are to be given out to the winners together with subsidiary awards: The Most Popular Singer Award, The Best Personality Award, The Best Image Award and Finalists Award!
To all talented multi-dialectal singers, don’t miss this golden opportunity to join Magnum “I Love to Sing” 2017 Singing Competition! For more information, please log on to our official page at
Magnum “I Love to Sing” 2017 Singing Competition Winners Cash Prizes:
Hakka Category Hokkien Category
Champion:RM 6,000 + Trophy Champion:RM 6,000 + Trophy
1st Runner Up:RM 3,000 + Trophy 1st Runner Up:RM 3,000 + Trophy
2nd Runner Up:RM1,000 + Trophy 2nd Runner Up:RM1,000 + Trophy
Open Category
Adult Category Children Category
Champion:RM 5,000 + Trophy Champion:RM 2,000 + Trophy
1st Runner Up:RM 3,000 + Trophy 1st Runner Up:RM 1,000 + Trophy
2nd Runner Up:RM1,000 + Trophy 2nd Runner Up:RM800 + Trophy

I Love To Sing 2017 Event Schedule
Selangor Selection  
17th Sept 2017
Jaya Shopping Mall
Penang Selection 1pm 1st Oct 2017 Megamal Prai
Kuantan Selection  
24th Sept 2017
Megamal Kuantan
KL Selection 1pm 15th Oct 2017 Leisure Mall
Open Category KL Selection 12pm 22nd Oct 2017 Sungei Wang Plaza
Grand Final KL 1pm 19th Nov 2017 Sungei Wang Plaza