Green Revival Save the Earth 2017

FEBRUARY 23, 2017 - OCTOBER 29, 2017

FEBRUARY 23, 2017 - OCTOBER 29, 2017

"Conceiving Awareness, Sharing Happiness, Conserving Splendidness"

Proudly presents to you by Magnum, “Green Revival Save the Earth” is back again in year 2017 with the main objective of sustaining all the previous efforts to conserve environment. It is worth mentioning that this year Magnum does not only focus on the environmental issues, but also paying attention to relationship building among all the participants.

Magnum realizes the significant role of all the participants is the key to achieve greatest success and keep on the spirit of past campaigns. We encourages the community to spend some time with their love ones to do something meaningful for the environment. The time and memories they spend together on conserving green environment are priceless.

It is not a success if the participants only do green activities during the campaign, we hope that Green Revival can help the community to foster green behavior in their daily life. A series of activities listed below will be carried on in the “Green Revival Save the Earth 2017”.
Mud Ball Making and River Clean Up
In the past three years, this program had gathered over 1,500 volunteers. The volunteers had thrown a total of 50,000 mud balls into rivers in Malaysia between the years 2014 to 2016.

This year, the organizer is heading to Hulu Selangor and Penang to continue the river clean-up efforts! We also aim to raise the awareness of water and river pollution.

Our objective is to inspire and educate the local communities in Malaysia to create a CLEAN, COMFORTABLE and CLEAR environment for our future generations.

We also wish to provide the participants practical experience about the making of mud balls and how they treat pollution and improve water quality.
Paddy Run
As the first green run in Malaysia, Paddy Run had received encouraging responses and feedback since year 2014. The 4th paddy run will guarantee you unforgettable and remarkable memories.

This run aims to foster interaction and strengthening the bonds between families and friends, get people closer to nature and increase awareness about how to conserve our precious land.

This year, the Paddy Run will be moving to Penang. Also, there will be a carnival where participant and visitors can enjoy memorable moments and breath-taking scenery with their friends and family.
Green Revival Film Festival
This film festival is a brand new program which provides students and people who interested in film-making a platform to show their abilities.

Participants are required to produce a video with the theme of “Save The Earth” and the videos will be premier during The Green Mini Movie Festival in July 2017.

The submission of the videos for the film festival commences from March 2017 and close on June 2017. The finalists will be announced in the mid of June 2017.

 Program Venue Date
Press Conference The Ballroom, Jaya Shopping Center 23 February 2017
Mud Ball Making S.J.K.(C) Serendah (Main)
S.J.K.(C) Khing Ming, K.K.B.
S.J.K.(C) Kg. Gurney, Ulu Yam Bharu
S.J.K.(C) Chong Chee, Ulu Yam Lama
S.J.K.(C) Kalumpang
29 March 2017
SJK(C) Hun Bin 8 April 2017
River Clean-up Sungai Batang Kali 21 April 2017
Sungai Nibong Kecil 6 May 2017
Film Fest Workshop 1 Han Chiang College, Penang 21 May 2017
Film Fest Workshop 2 Han Xing College, Cheras 25 May 2017
Film Fest Workshop 3 HELP University, Damansara 7 June 2017
Paddy Run Carnival S.J.K.(C) Tar Thong 18 June 2017
Paddy Run S.J.K.(C) Tar Thong 18 June 2017
Mangrove Planting Kuala Gula, Perak 29 October 2017