Make Ong to Win Ong Contest



February 05, 2016 - February 22, 2016

When Chinese New Year, people hang red banner (Ong Cai) at the front door to invite ONG into their homes. In ONGline traditions, we have same way and thought. No worry J Magnum will have an ONG-cai for the cover of your Facebook to invite more ONG element in your online home.

Come and design the most ONG punya ONG-Cai and win smartphones & 60 ONG-pows for the year of Monkey

Contest Period: 6 February 2016 -22 February 2016

How to Participate
  1. Go to the Magnum 4D ONGline Traditions page. (
  2. Make your ONG-cai with our customisation tool.
  3. Upload it as your Facebook cover photo until 26 February 2016.

Participants will need the following to participate in the Contest:
  1. An authentic Facebook account to submit entries.
  2. Participants must ‘like’ the Magnum4D Facebook page.
Participants must have their ONG-cai as their Facebook cover photo until 26 February 2016 during Judging Period

Terms and Conditions apply
Grand Prize x 1: iPhone 6S
Second Prize x 2: RedMi Note 2
Consolation Prize x 60: RM88 cash ONG-pow

Kindly refer to the following link for information on our Personal Data Protection Notice.