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Our mGold Story – From A Dropped Bank Slip to RM566,061

A simple act of civic-mindedness at the bank led to a RM566,061 winning experience for a couple in Penang today. Picking up a bank slip lying on the floor, the husband and wife decided to play the slip number in Magnum’s 4D Jackpot Gold game. The number was a perfect match for the mGold winning number, netting the couple a RM566,061 partial share of the grand prize – proving that karma can sometimes come back in a big way.  This winning has made the couple the 44th partial prize winners of Magnum 4D Jackpot Gold 1 & 2 since the launch of mGold play on 15 May 2017.

With a big smile written on their faces, the couple in their late 40s said, “We are truly happy! We both are regular Magnum 4D players and our winning this time is an unexpected stroke of good luck! Our winning number, 060900, came from a bank slip that was lying on the floor. We picked it up as a good gesture to keep the environment clean. Least to our expectation, the number printed on the paper turned out to be our winning mGold number!”

mGold is a new feature of Magnum 4D Jackpot Gold game whereby it offers an affordable option to cover all the 20 GOLDEN component numbers from 00 to 19 for only RM2.

In late 2016, Magnum introduced an innovative and fun play with a fractional play variation to their popular 4D Jackpot game called m-System. mGold was launched in May 2017 to repeat the formula of success with their next most popular jackpot-style game, 4D Jackpot Gold.

“We would like to play mGold again! We are just ordinary employed workers, our biggest dream now is to clear off the housing loan and spend part of the money to go traveling. We are truly excited and looking forward to our upcoming vacation,” the couple said in joy.

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