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Magnum cascading creates 2 millionaires overnight!

 Jackpot 2 prize at RM10, 845, 376.00 was won by 2 individuals, which was from Sg Buloh and Puchong, each of them won RM4,497,266.00 respectively on 11 Oct. The remaining prize money of RM1, 850, 844 was shared by 24 winners nationwide.

Magnum’s Cascading feature kicks-in when in any particular draw the Jackpot 1st prize amount exceeds RM30 million and is still not won, then any amount exceeding RM20 million will cascade and will be added into Jackpot 2nd prize amount. Thus making it possible to become a millionaire as the Jackpot 2nd prize will increase exponentially.
Magnum spokesperson said: “The last cascade was back in Dec 2015. Hence it’s great to have the cascading back in action to stir up customer excitement again!”
The 1st winner in her mid-20 from Sg Buloh said during the interview:” I’m going to share the joy and prize money with my family members. I bought System Bet 13 (RM156) since the Jackpot amount is so high, and all the numbers are my dream numbers which I bought frequently.” The winning numbers that brought her great fortune were 8891 (3rd prize) + 9864 (Special Prize) “I’m going to invest the prize money in property, and spend partially for my brother’s education fund and of course not forgetting to do some charity too. It was unbelievable until I checked the results on Magnum’s website to confirm the winning numbers, and I couldn’t sleep the whole night!” she laughed.
The second lucky winner is a small enterprise business owner from Puchong in his mid-50s. He bought System Bet 5 (RM20) and the winning numbers that won him the jackpot prize was 8891 (3rd Prize) + 2418 (Special Prize). It’s his dream number and his birth certificate number. “I was dumbfounded when the officer told me that I won RM4mil and I can claim my prize money at the HQ. Because all the while I thought I only won around RM200,000, that’s why I came so late to claim the prize money!” he smiled and he continued by saying he has not thought through it yet because the wining amount is way beyond his expectation.
When asked how he felt about winning the Jackpot 2 prize, he said:” I’m overwhelmed, because I never thought that Jackpot 2 can win such a great fortune! The Jackpot cascade feature made the game exciting and affordable when you could strike a fortune with only RM20 bet!”
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