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4 Lucky Winners set to receive RM1,000 daily

25 May 2018
It’s a great feeling to win a prize. Can you imagine the feeling of winning a prize every day for 100 days?
Let’s hear it from our winners who won the 2nd Prize of Magnum LIFE

“It is so unbelievable ... I never thought to be the first winner with my very first play of this newly launched game. I usually play 4D Classic and Jackpot. I was introduced to Magnum LIFE when I visited a nearby Magnum outlet. The sales operator told me about the new game that offers a long term winning experience. And I thought it would be exciting if I won the prize, so I bought a lucky pick ticket.” Trying his luck with a lucky pick ticket on Magnum LIFE, the lucky one from Selangor, turned out to be our first 2nd Prize winner for the new game when the first draw result announced on 25 April.
Two days later on 28 April, another lucky winner from Selangor walked away with the 2nd Prize. The winner shared his thoughts about Magnum LIFE, “The game is simple and easy to play, just choose 8 numbers from 1 to 36. I have no problem with the payment method. It’s just like a daily savings in my bank account. With the savings, I can plan and spend wisely as I’ve never managed such a big sum of money before. I am extremely happy to win the prize ... it’s like receiving a big bonus every day!”
What’s more exciting is … two more lucky winners from Johor and Malacca won the 2nd Prize on 5 May and 16 May, respectively. Since the game was introduced to the players on 23 April, there have been 4 lucky winners who won the 2nd Prize and are set to receive RM1,000 daily for 100 days!”
Magnum recently launched Magnum LIFE, a new game that offers a Grand Prize of RM1,000 EVERY DAY for 20 YEARS. It gives players a brand new winning experience for this first of its kind game in Malaysia. And to top it all, Magnum LIFE already has 4 lucky winners for the 2nd Prize in just 4 weeks. While the Grand Prize is RM1,000 every day for 20 years, the 2nd Prize gives the winner a taste of the same RM1,000-a-day experience for 100 days.
Our 3rd winner happily shared his joyous experience, “I’ve been playing Magnum 4D for the last 30 years. I’m disciplined and play within my limit. The new game is easy and affordable for anyone to play. I bought a Lucky Pick Ticket with 10 bet lines to try my luck on this new game and was overwhelmed when the sales operator told me the next day that I won the 2nd Prize!”
Our 4th winner also a loyal player who loves to buy Lucky Pick Tickets displayed at the sales counter. “I like to play Lucky Pick Tickets besides buying my own numbers. The Lucky Pick Tickets have brought me luck and this time I won the 2nd Prize of the new game and will be receiving the cash prize for the next 100 days!” the winner said with a big smile.
Magnum LIFE offers life enhancing opportunities with worry-free money management. A Magnum spokesperson said, “it is truly encouraging that our customers have taken to the game so quickly. We are indeed so pleased that within 4 weeks, we already have 4 lucky winners for the 2nd Prize and that thousands more players have also won other prizes from this new game.
The 4 lucky winners will see RM1,000 directly credited into their bank account every day. It is the unique feature of Magnum LIFE that help winners better plan and manage their winnings, without fear of blowing their money all at once. In other words, the winners will be able to put their prize money into good use and to realize their dreams in a sustainable manner.
Magnum LIFE is simple to play:
  1. Choose 8 numbers from 1 to 36.
  2. The results comprise of 8 Winning Numbers, and 2 additional Bonus Numbers.
  3. If all 8 numbers played match the 8 Winning Numbers, the player will win the Grand Prize of RM1,000 EVERY DAY for 20 YEARS.

There is a 2nd Prize of RM1,000 EVERY DAY for 100 DAYS, which is won by matching 7 Winning Numbers, and either one of the Bonus Numbers.