Winning Stories得奖故事

OMG!! It’s real … I won RM1,000 every day for 20 years!

“Congratulations! YOU WON RM1,000 every day for 20 YEARS!” … This message appeared on his smartphone when he checked his Magnum Life ticket using the ticket scan feature in the Magnum App.
 “OMG! This is real! … This is the Grand Prize!! … I have won the Magnum Life Grand Prize!!”
In extreme excitement, the lucky winner ran to his wife and asked her help to reconfirm that his winning was indeed real and true.
“I am shocked that I won the Grand Prize! I didn’t sleep well for days … Even now, I can still feel my heart pounding fast …” the winner said happily when he was in Magnum HQ collecting his prize.
Magnum Life is a new number forecast game in which the winner will receive RM1,000 every day for the next 20 years. This unusual form of prize is part of Magnum’s effort to encourage customers to not only play responsibly, but to win responsibly as well.
“My 8 winning numbers are 11-14-17-19-23-25-33-36. These are my lucky numbers, I got some numbers through a dream and some numbers were handpicked by my children. I like to play System Play 9 (with 9 sets of numbers chosen from numbers 1 to 36) in the Magnum Life game to increase the chances of winning. I’ve been following the new game since it launched in April this year.”
“I have won smaller prizes in my earlier plays but this time around I won the Grand Prize … Wow! I’m truly blessed with this new game. Winning RM1,000 every day for 20 years is truly unbelievable! I definitely will have less financial worries for the next 20 years!”
“Winning the Grand Prize doesn’t change me as a person but it will definitely make my life much better than before. I’m an avid Magnum fan and I only play Magnum games. I just love the games offered by Magnum and Magnum Life is my favourite,” said the winner.
When asked about his future plans, the winner said, “It’s a huge relief that I have this extra income to pay my house loans. My next plan is to save the money and when it is enough I will take my wife for her dream holiday. But the most important thing is I can provide her a better life, manage our money better and plan our retirement together.”
The winner and his wife, both active in their daily life look forward to living healthily to enjoy their future with loved ones.