Winning Stories得奖故事

A Lucky Pick Ticket made me a Millionaire

“I bought an RM2 Lucky Pick Ticket at the Magnum outlet and never thought it would make me a Millionaire the very next day!” the Jackpot winner said with a big smile when collecting RM17,577,802, his Jackpot 1 prize money at the Magnum head office in Kuala Lumpur.
His winning numbers are 2837 (2nd prize) and 4697 (3rd prize). It is heartening to learn that a Lucky Pick ticket has turned a Magnum player into a multi-millionaire overnight!
Lucky Pick tickets are 4D tickets with numbers randomly generated from the sales terminal and are displayed at the sales counter for sale to the public. Customers are welcome to select and purchase their favourite Lucky Pick tickets from Magnum outlets.
The Jackpot winner from Kedah spent RM18 playing his favourite 4D numbers and bought a Lucky Pick Ticket with the balance RM2 after paying RM20 to the sales operator.
“When I visit Magnum, I will pick up one or two Lucky Pick tickets displayed at the sale counter. I believe the Lucky Picks tickets will bring me luck especially when I am drawn to certain numbers printed on the tickets. I have won prizes with them in the past but this time, the Lucky Pick brought me a Jackpot!”
“I love the Ticket Scanner feature in the Magnum app. The phone app is easy to use and very convenient especially for busy people like me.” The Jackpot winner is a business man who has a busy schedule every day. You may download the Magnum App from Playstore or Appstore.The Ticket Scanner allows players to scan the QR code on each ticket to verify if the 4D numbers match the draw results and notifies them whether they won a prize. 

Besides the app, a physical Ticket Scanner is also made available for players to verify their 4D tickets at the Magnum outlet. The Ticket Scanner is part of Magnum’s effort to improve customer experience.