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The 2057 tragedy and a Millionaire

“The 911 attack in 2001 was a shocking tragedy and the unfortunate incident lingered in my mind for quite a while … later on when I found out from the Magnum 4D Dictionary that 2057 represented the incident, I started to buy a 4D Ticket with this number every year … as a remembrance of the incident,” the winner revealed his secret while collecting his RM11,852,352 Jackpot 1 prize money at Magnum office today.
The Magnum 4D Dictionary is a source of number inspiration, 2057 means a plane crashing into a building. By typing the keywords in the SEARCH column, the 4D Dictionary will translate any dream, an event or coincidence into a 4D number. Likewise, you may also find the representative meaning of any 4D numbers in the Magnum 4D Dictionary. For more details on number inspiration or our 4D Dictionary, kindly download the Magnum app or visit
The Jackpot 1 winning numbers are 2057 (2nd prize) and 8817 (3rd prize). With the million ringgit Jackpot prize money in his pocket, the winner felt disbelief that his special way of remembering an accident could bring him luck and fortune.
For the 2nd winning number, 8817, which is also his car plate number, the winner has more to tell, “I had a dream recently that my car was stolen. I bought a Jackpot ticket with these 2 numbers, which had significant meaning in this September month.”
“The winnings came as a total surprise. I will definitely think carefully and plan wisely with this fortune. I’m happy to win and will continue to play 2057 every year in September month to remember the incident.”
The winner is also a Magnum app user. “The phone app is useful and convenient, it allows me to check draw result, verify winning tickets, look for number inspiration, and also receive news updates. However, when I visit a Magnum outlet, I will use the Ticket Scanner to scan and verify my 4D tickets.”
The Ticket Scanner allows players to scan the  barcode on every ticket to verify if the 4D numbers match the draw results and notifies them whether they won a prize. The Ticket Scanner is part of Magnum’s effort to improve customer experience.