Winning Stories得奖故事

Hurray! CASCADING made me a millionaire!

“Are you sure?! Don’t fool me! I won Jackpot 2 and the prize published was RM324,314 only, how could I be a millionaire?!” The winner was puzzled when his friend told him that he had won millions ringgit prize for his winning number, 3371 (3rd Prize) and 7452 (Special Prize).

The lucky winner was thrilled when he found out later that he also won part of the cascaded prize from Jackpot 1 besides his Jackpot 2 winnings. The cascaded prize amounted to RM13 million on Magnum 4D’s draw dated 5th December 2018, and there were 2 winners in the Jackpot 2 full share winning category, whereby each winner walked away with RM5,091,750 prize money.

Magnum 4D’s CASCADING feature kicks-in when the Jackpot 1 Prize amount exceeds RM30 million and if it is still not won, then any amount exceeding RM20 million will cascade and will be added into Jackpot 2 Prize amount. Thus, making it possible for one to become a millionaire when winning Jackpot 2 as the Jackpot 2 Prize will increase exponentially.

“Wow! This is amazing! I love the Magnum Cascade feature. I wasn’t sure how much is my winning until I received the cheque from Magnum. This winning came as a surprise! I will continue to work and make good use of the prize money.” The winner said proudly with a big smile.

The second winner was in total shock when he saw the million prize money appeared on his phone while scanning his 4D ticket using the Ticket Scanner feature in the Magnum app.

“I was truly excited! I never expected to win RM5,091,750 for Jackpot 2. I was excited about the CASCADING and have been following Magnum Jackpot especially when it reached RM30 million this month.” The winner was in joy for winning big through the CASCADING.
Ticket Scanner feature in Magnum app allows players to scan the QR code on every ticket to verify if the 4D numbers match the draw results and notifies them whether they won a prize. The Ticket Scanner is part of Magnum’s effort to improve customer experience.
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