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Magnum Life Grand Prize of RM1,000 Every Day for 20 Years won This Week!

Celebrations are in order for 2 lucky winners of Magnum Life this week. The Magnum Life winners were a man in his late 40s and another in his 20s that won the Grand Prize of RM1,000 Every Day for 20 Years and RM100,000 respectively. 
The grand prize winning was won by a sales executive in his 40’s from Pahang on Wednesday, 9th October 2019. The winning numbers, “11 18 20 23 29 32 34 36”, which the lucky man purchased randomly has won him RM1,000 Every Day for the next 20 years.  The 2nd prize winner hails from Klang,
The lucky winner came to Magnum to claim his winnings with a wide smile, explaining that has been playing Magnum Life, placing RM10 lucky pick bets every draw since the game was launched last year. Indeed, lady luck was on his side as the grand prize winning of RM1,000 every day for 20 years became his lucky numbers came up.
“To be able to see my bank account increase by RM1,000 every day for the next 20 years is a dream come true! I will definitely look forward to check my bank account daily now” He also said with the unique way Magnum Life winnings are being paid out, he is able to literally plan his spend more wisely.
As for the RM100,000 Magnum Life winner, “I’ve been supporting Magnum Life since it’s launch last year, and to win this is indeed very timely as I’m saving up for my marriage coming soon. My plan is to utilize the money won for a memorable marriage this year!” he commented.
Magnum representative said, “Magnum Life game is our latest game which was introduced slightly over a year ago to cater for our players who love to savour a better lifestyle. The payout of RM1,000 every day for 20 years has attracted many players as winning the grand prize gives a whole lifestyle change to the winner. We are really happy that our customers can “Live Life Your Way” with Magnum.”