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4D Jackpot 1 of RM22,278,330 Won!

18 November 2020
Magnum’s Jackpot 1st Prize of RM22,278,330 was won on Wednesday, November 18 2020 by two businessmen from Perak They are from First Garden and Slim River agencies respectively. Each of the winner took home prize winnings of RM11,139,165 each.

Lady luck certainly shone on the first Jackpot winner as his huge fortune came from the two numbers 7700 (2nd prize) and 4800 (3rd prize). He placed RM10 on 5 Straight bet lines with the number combinations coming from his favourite numbers.

A long time Magnum player, the winner could not believe his eyes when he checked the results on Magnum App. “I could not believe I won the Jackpot, and even asked my wife to double and triple check the results! To win this is a dream come true. Only RM2 for a chance to win BIG, that’s the main reason I continue to play 4D Jackpot every draw”, he added.

The second Jackpot winner of RM11,139,165 also bought his winning ticket in Perak. What a coincidence! He placed RM12 on System Bet 4, with 2 numbers hitting the jackpot, 7700 (2nd prize) and 4800 (3rd prize).

“Being a loyal Magnum 4D player, I have played every draw for the past 40 years. This time around, I was inspired by the numbers from Magnum 4D notices and buntings and decided to bet 3 draws in a row (advance draws) on the Magnum 4D Jackpot game. I could not believe my luck, and with this fortune I will be able to clear off all my debts and loans. My family will definitely be better off after this,” the winner added.
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