Winning Stories得奖故事

"Consistency is the key to success." Buy More, Win More!

10 March 2021
Magnum’s Jackpot 1st Prize of RM22,713,319 was won on Wednesday, March 3 2021 by a retiree in Selangor. 
The lucky winner who bought his ticket from the Puchong Utama agency has been a loyal player of Magnum Jackpot game since 2009 and always buys advance draws to ensure he does not miss any draws. This time around, the lucky numbers that brought him this huge fortune are the numbers 2802 (1st prize) and 7189 (2nd prize). He spent RM30 on System Bet 6 for his favorite numbers.

The lucky man was super thrilled and overjoyed when he saw his winning numbers appear in the Magnum 4D live draw on the mobile app. “My wife and I quickly went to double confirm the results together using the Magnum App scan function.  “OH MY GOD, it is REAL!”, he exclaimed. The joyful winner was in initial disbelief that he was able to bring home such a bountiful prize, so much so that he could barely sleep that night.  

“I believe luck will strike one day and it did!”, the lucky man said with a big smile on his face. “Consistency is the key to success. I’ve been waiting patiently for Magnum’s outlet to reopen.  Seeing the snowballing growth of the Jackpot prize amount gave me the feeling that it’s the best time to buy and that I will win big soon!”

The Magnum 4D Jackpot winner has a big heart too! He said, “I will utilize part of my winnings for good causes like making donations to charity homes to ease their burdens during this pandemic. Do good and good will come to you and I am willing to help others whenever I can.”

All Magnum outlets are continuously adhering to SOPs; enforcing social distancing, temperature screening, providing hand sanitizers to customers and also advising our customers to purchase up to 6 advance draws. Customers are advised to prepare their lucky numbers before entering the outlets, and to purchase numbers during off-peak hours to avoid potential congestion.