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Lucky Lady won the Magnum Life Grand Prize of RM1,000 daily for 20 years

10 June 2022
Yet again, the Magnum Life Grand Prize of RM1,000 a day for 20 years had been struck by a lucky lady, making her the 7th winner since the launch in April 2018. Her lucky winning numbers were 08-10-16-18-28-32-33-35, drawn on 5th June 2022, Sunday.

Using the newly launched MyMagnum 4D app to scan her tickets, this Ampang, Selangor resident was greeted with the winning notification experience from the mobile app.

A loyal Magnum 4D customer, this 7th winner frequently bought Magnum Life via Lucky Pick tickets with 10 bet lines at RM10.00. Lucky Pick tickets are always displayed at the sales counter where customers can add-on to their purchases. A huge fan of Magnum 4D, her family members are tasked to help make purchases at the nearby outlet whenever she is unable to do so too!

Magnum 4D had always been her preferred choice as she and her family would consistently make purchases whether individually or sharing basis with other family members.

 “At first, I thought I was dreaming on the night of the draw result notification from MyMagnum 4D app. I looked at the winning amount could not believe it. This winning ticket was bought by my father on my birthday!”

“My hands were shaking as I was holding my mobile then. Is it real, did I win? I refused to believe the results at first.”

“Finally, I decided to contact Magnum Careline for confirmation and verify the draw results. Only then, did I realise that I have become a multi-millionaire!” the winner said, after arriving at Wisma Magnum 4D, Kuala Lumpur to collect her prize cheque.

When asked how she will be spending the prize money, the winner said she will share it with her family members especially her father and set aside some for the future. It was a double blessing for herself too as the winning was collected on her own daughter’s birthday.

As shared by a Magnum 4D representative, “We could not be happier for our customers. There were a few lucky streaks in May 2022 namely 21/05/2022 and 15/05/2022, as our Magnum Life 2nd Prizes were won in Puchong and Kuching respectively (RM1,000 every day for 100 days!). Magnum 4D congratulates all winners and hope that the prize money would bring upon positive change to their lives. It is easy to win with Magnum 4D!”