Winning Stories得奖故事


26 July 2022
A lucky winner from Bukit Serdang, Selangor won Magnum Life Grand Prize on 26 July 2022, with RM1,000 everyday for 20 years.

A regular Magnum customer for over 20 years, the 56-years oldretiree has always been playing the classic 4-digits numbers.However, he just started to play Magnum Life two months ago,after he read the recent Magnum Life’s winner story from the newspaper.

“Since the Magnum Life game is easy and fun to play, I thought to try on a new and special game to play.I will always find inspirational numbers to invest on Magnum Life and Jackpot games, as there are more digits than the usual 4D Classic.”

The lucky winner played the Magnum Life by purchasing Magnum Life System Bet-10. The winning numbers were inspired by some of his favourite numbers related to his children’s age and Chinese birth dates.

He usually buys tickets from the same Magnum outlet nearby his home during the non-peak period.The lucky winner said that he had several good winning experiences with Magnum 4D in the past, but this winning is the most prosperous winning experience in his life.He couldn’t believe that his regular betting will make him a millionaire overnight.

The lucky winner read the newspaper (his usual morning routine) and turned to the results section. “After matching all his numbers to the winning outcomes, my heart beats so fast and my hands began to shake. The adrenaline rush, feeling so excited that I couldn’t believe I have won as it isn’t easy to match all 8 numbers under Magnum Life game. My eldest son came to help me in double-checking the winning numbers on the Magnum 4D Website and hence, I won the grand prize!”

The happy man claimed double happiness as he came to Magnum office to claim his winnings on his birthday as well, which is on 27 July.

“I would be planning to invest in education funds for all my four children, and I believe in doing good deeds. Therefore, I will donate some of the money for charitable projects, as a contribution to the society.Finally, I will still live my normal life and enjoy my retirement plan,thank you Magnum for changing and improving my life.”

As shared by a Magnum 4D representative: “We were happy for our customers. Aside from this winning, we also have our Magnum Life Grand Prize (RM1,000 every day for 20 years) that was won in Ampang in June 2022. Magnum 4D congratulates all winners and hope that the prize money would bring upon positive change to their lives. It is easy to win with Magnum 4D!”