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A Grand Prize Winner Won Magnum Life by Playing Magnum Kungfu Stampcard Campaign

10 September 2022
A lucky female winner from Taman Dahlia, Cheras, won Magnum Life Grand Prize with RM1,000 every day for 20 years. The Magnum Life grand prize winner has won RM1,000 every day for 20 years with her lucky numbers 1-11-12-15-18-21-27-33, drawn on 10 September 2022.

A regular Magnum 4D customer for over 15 years, she just started to play Magnum Life two months ago, after she read the recent Magnum Life’s winner story from Ampang who won the Magnum Life in June 2022.

“Recently, the Magnum 4D staff from the outlet inform us that Magnum is now having a Kungfu Stamp and Win Campaign from now till 16 October 2022, where lucky customers may purchase any Magnum Lucky Pick ticket and will have a chance to win prizes.

“So, I thought to try my luck with Magnum 4D’s KungFu Stampcard campaign by buying some lucky pick tickets with 10 bet lines at RM10.” She added: “I was checking for the result via website. He wrote down the numbers and trying to match the numbers from the result displayed in the Magnum 4D website.”

“Initially, I had written the last number (35) by mistake. I thought that I have only won 7 numbers out of the 8 numbers. This is when I cross check again. Later then, only I realize that I have won all 8 numbers! I was in disbelief after checking my ticket. I was so surprised and happy at the same time. I also feel more charisma and luck on Magnum 4D brand, especially me playing only lucky pick numbers from Magnum Kungfu Stampcard campaign.

I plan to invest in education funds for all my three children, donate some of the money for charitable projects as a contribution to the society, and lastly, to clear off some of my existing bank loans in related to my properties. Thank you, Magnum, for changing my life.”

As shared by a Magnum 4D representative: “We were happy for our customers. Aside from this winning, there was also a Magnum Life Grand Prize (RM1,000 every day for 20 years) from Bukit Serdang, Selangor in July 2022. Magnum 4D congratulates all winners and hope that the prize money would bring upon positive change to their lives. It is easy to win with Magnum 4D!”

Magnum launched a Kungfu Stamp and Win Campaign from 22 August till 16 October 2022, where you may try your luck with Magnum 4D’s KungFu Stampcard campaign and stand a chance to win a Proton X50 + other prizes worth over RM1,000,000!