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A Lucky Man from Raub, Pahang Wins Magnum 4D’s RM28.9 Million Jackpot in an Incredible Stroke of Father’s Day Luck!

23 June 2023
[23 June 2023] - It's a story straight out of a fairytale, as a local resident of Raub, Pahang become an overnight multi-millionaire after winning Magnum 4D’s jackpot prize of a whopping RM28.9 million!

This incredible stroke of luck came from a series of fortunate events on Father’s Day, culminating in a life-changing win. The winner, who wishes to remain anonymous, recounts the events leading up to his astonishing victory. "It was just pure coincidence. I was taking my child to buy new shoes, and the Magnum 4D outlet is located next door. It was towards the evening already and I was rushing to get the shoes for my daughter. I stopped when the Magnum 4D frontliners waved to me. I am a familiar face to them, so it was nice that they took the effort to acknowledge me. One of the frontliners also encouraged me to purchase the Magnum 4D Jackpot Lucky Pick ticket displayed on the window. It was a System Bet-3 lucky pick ticket. I've always had my own preferred numbers when purchasing lottery tickets but since it was Father’s Day, and I was feeling a bit happy from the day’s celebration, I decided to try my luck," he explained.

Little did he know that on that fateful Father’s Day, his path to riches had just begun. “I have won a small amount before when buying my numbers from the same frontliner. It's incredible how certain people or places can bring us good fortune and luck, " he added.

News of the jackpot winner from Raub, Pahang quickly spread like wildfire throughout social media, as online groups buzzed with excitement. Unaware that the winning numbers were the ones he held in hand, he initially brushed off the hype. However, his wife's keen perception prompted them to investigate further. "We were discussing the lucky pick ticket I purchased from the Magnum 4D outlet the previous day, and my wife had a hunch that it could be my lucky pick numbers. She decided to cross-check the numbers on the Magnum 4D website, and true enough, I was the lucky winner! Turns out that my lucky pick numbers of 6736 (2nd Prize) + 0651 (3rd prize) were the winning jackpot numbers," he recalled excitedly.

Still in disbelief, the winner visited the Magnum 4D outlet the following day seeking clarification from the frontliners. Grateful for their pro-active approach in encouraging him to buy the lucky pick ticket displayed on the window, he expressed his happiness, stating, "It was the frontliner’s effort that caught my attention and made me decide to buy the tickets in the first place."

In another happy recent win, a lovely middle-aged couple from Perak experienced an incredible twist of fate when they partially won the Magnum 4D Jackpot by purchasing numbers given by their son, making them instant millionaires.

They partially struck the Magnum 4D Jackpot with these two sets of numbers - 1992 (2nd prize) and 9238 (3rd prize) on 3 June 2023, winning them a life-changing fortune of RM2.4 million with an affordable cost of RM10 to place their M-System Play-10 bet.

Also, in another lucky and amazing turn of events, a long-time lottery enthusiast from Seremban also struck an astonishing Magnum 4D Jackpot partial win of RM2.37 million on 27 May 2023. The 4D Jackpot M-System Play-10 bet numbers she had bought struck two winning numbers – 4849 (1st prize) and 4598 (3rd prize), earning her an exciting sum of over RM2 million. She credits her win to a heartwarming tradition passed down by her own parents to purchase numbers comprising the birthdates of family members. This fortune winning tradition has not only created fond memories but also presented her with a life changing opportunity.

These news of extraordinary jackpot wins serve as a reminder to all that sometimes the most extraordinary things can happen when we least expect them. These lucky winners are testaments to the power of how sometimes, traditions or even random luck can lead to exciting life changing moments.


Here are the details of the Magnum 4DJP-1 winning: -
Prize  Draw date  Draw ID Winning numbers Winning sum (RM) Where
Magnum Jackpot 1  18/6/2023 888/23 6736+ 0651 RM28,991,038.98 Raub, Pahang