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Lucky Start to the New Year 2024

Magnum 4D Celebrates Two Lucky Pick Ticket Millionaires Who Won the RM23.7 million Jackpot, and Magnum Life Grand Prize Respectively
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia [4 January 2024] - Two lucky winners welcomed a fantastic New Year with their Magnum 4D lucky pick ticket purchases, bagging the Magnum 4D Jackpot and Magnum Life Grand Prizes respectively.
The lucky Magnum 4D Jackpot winner, a businessman in his 50s won a life-changing amount of RM23.7 million. A dedicated Magnum 4D customer, he attributes his success to persistence and strong faith, consistently purchasing his Magnum 4D tickets from the same outlet and frontliner in Melaka.

“Few years back, the same outlet celebrated one of Magnum 4D’s biggest Jackpot prize win, as the ticket was purchased in that outlet. Ever since then, I have been purchasing my tickets from that same outlet, even to the extent of only purchasing my tickets from the same outlet frontliner. She always encourages me to purchase the lucky pick tickets displayed on the counter window. I noticed that she often brings me luck with small winnings over the years. It was her suggestion to purchase my winning jackpot lucky pick ticket”, said the excited businessman.

His belief and persistence finally paid off. The jackpot winner discovered his incredible fortune on the results day itself, when he realised that his lucky pick ticket numbers of 6713 + 3508 matched the top winning numbers. Overjoyed and in disbelief, he took 30 minutes to process the news before sharing the incredible moment with his family.

Extremely grateful for this extraordinary win, he plans to allocate a portion of his winnings to charitable causes, specifically focusing on the Orang Asli community and contributing to various orphanages. He is happy that he now has the greater means to dedicate the rest of his life to charitable causes, believing that we must always do good with a kind heart.

In another recent dazzling win, a 40-year-old from Johor clinched the Magnum Life Grand Prize of RM1000/day for 20 years on Christmas eve, with his lucky pick ticket winning numbers set of 03 11 21 24 25 26 30 33.

Expressing gratitude to Magnum 4D, he envisions starting his own logistics business and is extremely grateful he has this fresh start to his New Year in making his dreams come true.

“I have always been in the logistics line as an employee. Now I have the opportunity to start my own business and be my own boss. It’s truly amazing that with just purchasing a lucky pick ticket, my life has now changed for the better overnight”, said the lucky Magnum Grand Life winner.

The festive cheer also continued when a 56-year-old business owner struck gold with the numbers 2424 and 6710, winning the Magnum 4D Jackpot M-system of RM2.62 million on Christmas Eve. Overflowing with joy, the lucky winner plans to purchase a house for his family, share the wealth among family members, and settle off his current bank loans.

New Year, New Beginnings
“In the spirit of celebrating the New Year, Magnum 4D congratulates all our lucky winners and wishes everyone a Happy New Year filled with joy, prosperity, and wonderful surprises. This unexpected triumph has definitely lit up the lives of our winners with extra sparkle. We are thrilled to celebrate all our winners and to see their dreams and wishes come true.

To further spread joy and welcome the upcoming Chinese New Year festivities, our MyMagnum 4D app registered users can also stand a chance to win a prosperity Gold Bar with their lucky tick purchases in our Fortune Dragon Gold Bar campaign. More information on how to participate is available on our website, highlighted under our exciting Double Dragon campaign. We are looking forward to celebrating more winners and changing our customers lives for the better with new beginnings,” shared a Magnum 4D representative.
Magnum 4D Jackpot
Magnum Life

Here are the details of the recent wins: - 
Prize Draw Date Draw ID Winning Numbers Winning Sum (RM) Where
Magnum 4D Jackpot 30/12/2023 975/23 6713 + 3508 RM23,764,488.82 Taman Sri Mangga, Melaka
Magnum Life 24/12/2023 972/23 03 11 21 24 25 26 30 33 RM1,000/day for 20 years Jalan Meriam, Muar, Johor
Magnum 4D Jackpot 24/12/2023 932/23 2424 + 6710 RM2,623,817.58 Bandar Puteri, Puchong