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Another Formula of Success – mGold Today !

 Magnum launched mGold, a variation of the Magnum 4D Jackpot Gold, on 15th May 2017. On 3rd June, which was the 8th draw since the launch of mGold, the 4D Jackpot Gold 1 was partially won by a single lucky winner from Kuala Lumpur. He won RM 603,592.00 for the mGold number 299011.

The lucky winner, an Indian man in his late 50s, said that “I’m a regular 4D Jackpot Gold player and I always buy my lucky Jackpot Gold numbers, since the launch of the new feature mGold, I added another RM2 to purchase mGold tickets as an insurance. I can’t believe with this insurance play, it has won me more than half a million ringgit.” The lucky winner went on to mention that the mGold play was an affordable and easier way to strike the grand prize of 4D Jackpot Gold.

In late 2016, Magnum introduced an innovative and fun play with a fractional play variation to their popular 4D Jackpot game called M-System. A representative from Magnum explained that mGold was launched to repeat this formula of success with their next most popular jackpot-style game, 4D Jackpot Gold. “Fractional plays for Jackpot games have found popularity among our customers who want affordability and a wider coverage of their numbers. mGold is a new feature of our 4D Jackpot Gold game whereby it offers an affordable option to cover all the 20 GOLDEN component numbers from 00-19 for only RM2. We have observed that players are now purchasing mGold as an insurance play.”

A Magnum representative said, “Since the launch of mGold play on 15th May 2017, there have been 15 partial prize winners of 4D Jackpot Gold 1 & 2! At Magnum, we always strive to put our customers first and find ways to create cheaper and more affordable options in order to have more winning experiences with us. The results of mGold which is a new variation feature of the 4D Jackpot Gold game has truly been encouraging and proves that this formula goes well with our customers. Congratulations to all our winners.”

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