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Winning 4D Jackpot is not a Dream with M-System Play!


RM 1.67 million won by 6 lucky winners across the nation on National Day!

Kuala Lumpur, 1st September 2016 – Magnum launched 4D Jackpot M-System, the new way to play the Magnum 4D Jackpot game on 25th August 2016.  On 31st August, which was coincidentally the 4th draw since the launch of the new game feature, the 4D Jackpot 1st Prize was partially won by 6 M-System Play lucky winners from 4 different states. A total winning of RM 1,670,950 was shared among 6 lucky winners according to their bet amounts on National Day.

A representative from Magnum pointed out that “The M-System play was specifically designed for our customers that wanted affordability and a wider coverage of their numbers. We still have players who buy our System Bet but sometimes the cost can be quite high so they tend to split their numbers. For example, if a customer has 9 numbers, the System Bet 9 will cost them RM72 so they tend to split their purchase to System Bet 5 and System Bet 4 which will cost lesser - RM32. Now we see a new trend emerging, customers will still split their bets as above and over and above that they will add just 1 more number to buy M-System 10 which will only cost them an additional RM10. The M-System play is becoming more like an insurance buy for our customers. They do so to ensure that all their combinations can be matched in the hopes of winning the Jackpot.”

The 1st M-System winners when interviewed mentioned that the M-System play was an easier way to strike Jackpot. It made it so much more affordable to purchase more combination of numbers to strike big with Magnum. “The more combination you buy, the higher chances you have to win the Jackpot. It is also easy to understand and remember the cost of each M-System play.”

The 4D Jackpot M-System offers an affordable option to play 4D Jackpot with 10 or more sets of 4D numbers. You can cover all pairs of numbers with just a fraction of the actual bet amount.  The minimum bet for M-System costs RM10 for 10 sets of 4D numbers. You can choose up to 50 unique 4D numbers per bet, you can also roll, permutate or lucky pick each of the 4D numbers.

This additional game feature for Magnum 4D Jackpot will satisfy different players’ needs and aspirations. Current players who are already familiar with the 4D Jackpot games will find the 4D Jackpot M-System an innovative, fun and affordable extension of Magnum’s game portfolio.

M-System Play is the best deal in town! Now with only RM10, it could just make you an overnight Jackpot winner!