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Best Friends Win Magnum 4D Jackpot RM24 million!


Buying Magnum 4D Jackpot together paid off big for three best friends from Klang. They won the Jackpot 1 prize of RM 24,609,219.70 on 27th September 2016 (Tuesday), securing more than RM 8 Million each. The fast growing Magnum 4D Jackpot amount motivated the best friends to join together and bet on their car plate numbers and personal numbers.

One of them said “We hardly have the time to meet up with each other as we are always so busy with our own lives and work but we make it a point to meet up at least once a month. And when we met up on Sunday and through the course of our chat, we decided to buy the Magnum 4D Jackpot to try our luck.”

They bought System Bet 8 which cost them RM 56. The combination that won them the Jackpot was 6060 (1st Prize) + 1710 (2nd Prize) which were the vehicle registration numbers of two of the friends.

They all started playing the Magnum 4D Jackpot game since 2014 after being introduced to it by their other friends. One of the winners told that he checked their numbers using the Magnum Mobile App scanning feature on the same day and learnt about their big win. He couldn’t believe his eyes when the “You Won!” message popped up and he immediately called his other 2 friends and they all checked the results from the Magnum website.

“Of course we were all super happy and excited to have won the Jackpot 1! Each of us have young children, in fact, one of us is expecting a new born baby. This money will definitely ease our financial worries for the future. We are definitely more secure and will plan carefully on how to ensure that the winnings are well invested for our children.”

A representative from Magnum said that the Magnum Mobile App is a very handy tool that is easy to use. The app can be used anytime and anywhere to scan tickets to check for winnings. “All Magnum tickets have the QR code for players to scan in order to keep track whether they have won or not. Our aim is to ensure that our customers’ journey with us is as easy and as fun as possible. We aim to ensure that our customers have a great experience playing our games.”

The Magnum Official app can be downloaded from Google Play or App Store.

Meanwhile, Jackpot 1 was partially won by a retired man in his 70’s on 18th September 2016. His winning amount was RM 2,900,818.83. He bought M-System Play and the winning combination were 8989 (2nd prize) + 4879 (3rd prize). The winner told us that one of his friends introduced him to the M-System Play and he was so glad. “The M-System Play is a much cheaper option especially for a retiree like me. Although it is a fractional win but it is still a sizeable amount and I am very thankful that I won.” He went on to further elaborate “At my age doing charity is important so I want to donate some of my winnings especially to old folk homes. I plan to buy a new car and a house so that it is a family home. My children are ensured that they have a roof over their heads no matter what happens and if I still have any money left, I would like to go for a holiday.”